Letter in YEP: Dilemma Over Revolution

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Letters: Dilemma Over Revolution

Yorkshire Evening Post. Published Date: 08 July 2011

Dilemma over revolution

While the focus of most of the media is on the revolution sweeping through the Arab world, its eventual impact on the state of Israel is crucial to the latter’s survial. Concerned Israeli leaders have already voiced their worries about the outcome of the unrest, emphasising Egypt and Jordan, with whom they have formal peace treaties which uphold the state’s security.

If the regimes in Syria and Jordan are swept away, there will be more unrest on Israel’s borders.

Iran is also a looming concern, with America due next year to pull out its last soldiers from Shia dominated Iraq.

We need to realise that encircled Israel currently faces many actual and potential troubles, not of its own making, which could ultimately lead to the fulfilment of Bible prophecies.

A I Stubbs, Bridlington


Letters: Plea for peace

Yorkshire Evening Post. Published Date: 19 July 2011

Plea for peace

A I STUBBS letter, ‘Dilemma over revolution’ (YEP, July 8), makes the wrong points.

The letter agues that “encircled Israel currently faces many actual and potential troubles not of its own making”. I beg to differ. Israel has frequently attacked and launched undeclared, illegal, pre-emptive wars on all its neighbours while amassing an illegal arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The extremist Israeli government is busy stealing and colonising Palestinian land in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Israel then brands those that resist as terrorists who they assassinate at will.

With an Israel that never tries to seek peace as a neighbour, no wonder there is hostility in the region toward the Zionist state.

Meanwhile the present government in Tel Aviv spends its time persecuting its own Jewish citizens who protest against the aggressive policies of the government by banning their basic rights to criticise.

The Arab Spring needs to come to Israel. It would be refreshing to see Tel Aviv promote peace and co-operation in the Middle East. It has never sincerely tried to do so yet.

Letters: Road to peace with Palestine

Yorkshire Evening Post. Published Date: 23 July 2011

Letters: Defence cuts no ice with me

Yorkshire Evening Post. Published Date: 27 July 2011

Defence cuts no ice with me

JOHN COLLINS’ myopic defence of Israeli government policies towards the Palestinians does a considerable disservice to the cause of peace in the Middle East (Road to peace with Palestine, Letters, July 23).

Fortunately there are other Jewish spokesmen who take a very different attitude.

Professor Avi Shlaim, Professor of International Relations at St Antony’s College, Oxford, has spent a lifetime pointing out the wrongs inflicted on the Palestinians by Israel, and in just the last couple of months there have been notable Israelis prepared to speak out.

Major-General Avi Mizrahi, a senior Israeli army commander, recently described the upsurge in violence by hardline settlers as “terrorism against Palestinians … likely to ignite the territories,” and that “it needs to be dealt with.”

Also, Meir Dagan, the newly retired head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, lamented the dire state of peace efforts with the Palestinians, saying that “there needs to be an Israeli peace initiative.”

He suggested that Israel accept a peace initiative proposed by Saudi Arabia offering peace with the Arab world in return for a full withdrawal from all territories captured by Israel in 1967.

In addition, the excellent Israeli human rights body, B’Tselem, pointed out in a report last month that Israel has stepped up demolitions of Palestinian homes in the Jordan Valley, leaving more than 700 Palestinians homeless since the beginning of 2011.

These friends of Israel do far more towards its peaceful future than do supporters of every Israeli government policy.

Michael Meadowcroft, Leeds

Letters: Facts of my case not disputed

Yorkshire Evening Post. Published Date: 02 August 2011

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