Video: Israelis violently attack Palestinians in Al Khalil home invasion


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2 April 2012 | Youth Against Settlements

About 30 Palestinians and international ISM activists from Canada, Finland, United States and the Netherlands entered a Palestinian house that was taken over by Israeli army around eight years ago.

The re-occupation of the house was an attempt to return the house to its rightful owner and was a response to the takeover of a Palestinian house on Shuhada street by settlers under the protection of the Israeli army and border police on April 1 2012.

As activists started cleaning  the house and preparing to spend the night there, the Israeli army prepared  to invade the house with sound bombs, skunk water and soldiers in full riot gear.

Over 50 soldiers and 5 border police blocked the road and cleared the surrounding area before entering the house that was being reoccupied, claiming that the house was now Jewish property.

The Dutch woman who disappeared following her arrest at the scene was released late this evening, yet must appear before Israelis again later this week regarding the conditions of her release.

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