Veolia dumped again!


Veolia has lost the new joint East Hants/Winchester City contract for rubbish collection.  Currently Winchester’s collection is in house, and Veolia has the present contract for East Hants.  For fear of a legal challenge the Councils will not admit to accepting the grave misconduct charge against Veolia, so we cannot know for certain how much difference we made, but we can definitely claim a victory.  After our campaign of demonstrations and presentation of a petition with signatures gathered in Petersfield and Winchester, Veolia has lost the contract.  Her support for illegal settlements has been exposed and Israel’s violation of international law has been publicized.


Congratulations to everyone who helped in the campaign.


Veolia lost Edinburgh in December 2010, and is doing no better in 2011.  After vigorous local campaigns, Veolia lost contracts in Richmond (London borough) in February, Portsmouth in March, and South London (nearly £1 billion) in April.  Now Winchester/East Hants.

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