Update on Bin Veolia Campaign

As expected Leeds City Council has recently replied to our request to exclude Veolia from the incinerator project. They have stated, for legal reasons Veolia cannot be excluded and have denied that Veolia has been excluded by other councils on grounds of its complicity in crimes against Palestinian people.

Yet Veolia has lost billions of pounds worth of contracts around the world due to a sustained boycott/divestment campaign, including the loss of several UK contracts e.g. the new joint East Hants/Winchester City contract for refuse collection (http://www.leedspsc.org.uk/?p=8943) and a big South London contract (http://www.leedspsc.org.uk/?p=8584) In both cases pro-Palestinian campaigners worked tirelessly to make the case for Veolia’s exclusion.

We have learned that the chosen bidder will most likely to be announced in mid-September, with our campaign and another focused on environmental considerations already adding considerable delay to the process.

We aim to keep up the pressure on Leeds City council, and have made a request under Freedom of Information Act. We have asked them to disclose the information they have obtained from Veolia in order to reply to our challenge. We will put any responses we receive from the council on our website along with our reply.

We again aim to picket outside a future council meeting (see our April meeting picket http://www.leedspsc.org.uk/?p=8632) During the summer, at community festivals we will be informing the public about our campaign and the petition. NB Check out how ten campaigners from the UK travelled to Paris to join in support of French colleagues at the Veolia AGM. Read more at http://www.leedspsc.org.uk/?p=8964 and watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_lqoTwD-3A

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