UK- Stop Arming Israel! Public meeting, Thurs. 20th Nov. Leeds Civic Hall

A Public meeting  –  Thursday 20th November,  7.00pm, Leeds Civic Hall, Calverley St, Leeds, LS1 1UR
Organised by Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

UK- Stop Arming Israel!
The case for a full 2 way embargo on all military trade with Israel

Guest Speaker: Maya Evans ; Co-Coordinator – Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK.
Maya is one of the nine protesters who, during the last brutal assault on Gaza occupied UAV Engines, the Staffordshire subsidiary of Elbit Systems- Israel’s largest military company.

– UAV systems regularly exports military equipment to Israel.

– Elbit  supplies drones (unpiloted planes) to the Israeli military.

Elbit Systems and the Gaza Massacres

During July and August, 1.7 million people in the besieged Gaza strip were bombarded by over 800 major strikes from Israeli drones. More than 2000 people, including 456 children, were killed during incidents which may have been war crimes. Elbit uses the murderous impact of its weapons for profit, marketing the drones as “field-tested” – in other words, proven to successfully kill Palestinians with nowhere to run.

UK Government Complicity in Israeli war crimes

Elbit’s Staffordshire factory is a fundamental part of the U-TACS partnership, manufacturing the Watchkeeper drone, a new generation of drones for the UK military, modelled on the Hermes drone. Therefore, as well as allowing the export of drone engines and other military equipment to Israel, the UK government is importing technology that has been developed through Israel’s military operations against Gaza and, in doing so, is aiding and abetting Israel’s aggression.

The Elbit 9

Maya is one of the 9 protestors who, on August 5th, scaled the roof of the UAV Engines factory in Shenstone Staffordshire and occupied it, bringing all production to a halt until they were all arrested 2 days later.  All nine of the protestors have now been charged with aggravated trespass, have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting a trial date.

The meeting

Maya’s talk will cover the details of the UK-Israel military trade, which included £185m worth of military exports to Israel between 2008-12, She will make the case for a full two-way military embargo on Israel, without which the UK’s complicity in Israeli aggression will continue to put us all to shame. While those in power stay silent in the face of crimes against humanity, and indeed facilitate them, ordinary people must put serious pressure on the UK government to stop arming Israel. Maya will tell us how we can do this.

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