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On April 22, Bob Simon and the US news show “60 Minutes” shared the painful truth with 13 million viewers — the primary cause for the exodus of Palestinian Christians from the Holy Land is the nearly 45 year-old illegal Israeli occupation. Now “60 Minutes” is being attacked for telling the truth.  A range of Israel-first partisan groups have gone on the attack against CBS, and they have received over 29,000 emails of complaint. If “60 Minutes” backs down, then other media outlets will do the same. Sign the  petition below to be sure that CBS hears from supporters for its brave and truthful reporting.

Thank you,  Bob Simon and 60 Minutes, for your segment on the Palestinian Christian exodus from Israel-controlled territory. Journalists who tell the painfully honest truth about Palestinian life under occupation deserve our thanks, not political attacks.

Before the broadcast aired, the Israeli Ambassador to the US pressured CBS not to air the segment (with the knowledge of the Israeli Prime Minister) [1] and the Jewish Federations of North America asked supporters to make sure CBS would be “flooded with responses” for daring to be “highly critical of Israel.” [2] The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin reported that 60 Minutes received at least 29,000 messages, many of them from the far-right Christians United for Israel. [3] Finally, the attacks were echoed by U.S. Jewish groups such as the Anti-Defamation League [4] and Bnai Brith. [5]Footnotes: (1) Ha’aretz, April 23, 2012: Netanyahu was briefed on efforts to stop ’60 Minutes’ report on Israel’s Christians (2) Jewish Federations, April 22, 2012: “60 Minutes” Broadcast on Palestinian Christians (3) Right Turn by Jennifer Rubin, April 24, 2012: Backlash builds over ‘60 Minutes’ hatchet job on Israel (4) ADL, April 23, 2012: Letter to CBS News (5) Bnai Brith, April 23, 2012: . “60 Minutes” Report Gives Free Pass to Palestinian Polemic as Methodists to Debate “Kairos,” Divestment 

For more info about the treatment of Palestinian Christians by Israel, read +972’s piece by Yossi Gurwitz.

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