Tell your MEPs to vote against ACAA – and vote for human rights

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On October 23, all MEPs will vote in the European Parliament (EP) on whether to approve the ACAA (Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products) protocol to the EU-Israel Association Agreement. If MEPs vote for it, the protocol will grant Israel easier access to the EU market and setting a precedent for greater access of other industrial products. This will be the first agreement of its type on pharmaceuticals that the EU will consider, and no other country is expected to be granted this level of access to the EU markets on pharmaceuticals for some time to come.

We want you to write to your MEPs and call for them to withhold their consent to this agreement until there is tangible progress in Israel’s respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Approval would be inconsistent with the EP and Council’s condemnation of Israel’s occupation policies in the West Bank and Gaza. It would also undermine EU policies against the occupation including by signalling that EU-Israel relations can continue to strengthen regardless of unlawful policies and practices.

Please write to your MEP today using our e-tool.  Bear in mind if you personalise your letter (changing the first paragraph really helps) it will be all the more powerful.

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