Take action – save Palestinians’ homes in Silwan, East Jerusalem


Palestinians in the East Jerusalem town of Silwan are living in fear of imminent eviction, driven by Israel’s attempt to grab a key strategic piece of land. On 1 February 2012 Israeli authorities posted demolition orders on several houses in Silwan’s al-Bustan neighbourhood, which they plan to develop into a theme park. With 1,000 people set to lose their homes, this would be the largest single mass demolition since 1967.

The British Foreign Office has condemned the plans as “provocative and deeply counter-productive” but has done nothing to back up the criticism. In fact Britain continues to give Israel preferential treatment in trade and diplomatic relations. This sends a message to the Israeli government that it can go on demolishing Palestinian homes without consequence.

Please ask your MP to tell the Foreign Office that it must take concrete action if its words are to be taken seriously.

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