Report back from PSC Branch Forum in Nottingham Sat. 23rd March.

First of all I like to thank all those great people who took their time and organized this influential event which I attended. Me, H and fellow new member D had only join this organization week ago so we had this anticipation when we left Leeds. On our way to Nottingham we shared many words about this topic and other issues how could we help with our time and energy to achieve the ultimate goal of Palestine liberation.

When we arrived there we were great fully greeted by enthusiastic people who invited us to experience this atmosphere from people who came all around United kingdom as far as Aberdeen , Scotland.  As new members we fully understood our duty is to represent our branch as good we can and from my thoughts I can state clearly we did it even better. We both asked many question about topics like G4s, child prisoners and many more.  I made good point about why we as organization have problems with recruitment based on contact details given by citizens where I pointed out that in these days people not tend to put enough thought behind their willingness in giving away their contact details and in some cases their personal information. As example I can give online memberships, Super market special offers and so on.  In this particular case only solution is to raise these emotions in people and inform heavily by debating or similar methods, which might be enough for them to remember that and take a step forward when asked to join our cause. The Design of our mind is portrayed as very complicated but this simple thing as emotion can make impressive change even to most ignorant citizens.  

During this event we were provided by valuable information and take away resources which we will be able to hand out in Leeds and raise attention to ordinary people.  The location was chosen perfectly in Indian restaurant which offered us delicious menu which definitely pleased our appetite. At the end we shared interesting conversation personally with people in this event, which gave them nice smile and thought in their mind that there is still hope as long as next generation is ready to take the responsibility of stopping injustice and fighting for the day when every human being on this planet can feel equal without thought of being bombed or killed from gunfire, imprisoned with no hope of getting out. We as human race should have learned from our past mistakes but in reality we are imprisoned our self in this never ending circle from which we need get out as fast as possible. Aren’t we all willing to achieve the same goal?

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