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Visiting Palestine and the refugee camps in the Middle East is an important act of solidarity. At a PSC international solidarity conference in October 2007 it was one of the key actions called for by the Palestinians representatives, with Mustafa Barghouti stressing the importance of sending “multipliers” to Palestine, people who will report back in their home countries about the situation on the ground.

There are many ways of visiting Palestine, and many activities that you can undertake while you are there. Solidarity activities include joining protests against the occupation and volunteering in activities such as olive harvesting and teaching. Going on an educational tour will help to equip you to speak about the situation on your return and to increase awareness in the UK about the situation in Palestine.

Palestine is also an excellent place to study Arabic. Of course with the historical sites, good food and wonderful climate, Palestine is also a great destination for a holiday. Those who visit Palestine learn more about the Palestinian’s life under occupation, while experiencing the country’s rich culture, history and scenery. These visits also result in lasting, lifelong friendships.

The following links provide information on how to organise a trip to Palestine:

The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Tourism.
Alternative Tourism Group Tourism.
The Holy Land Trust Organises a summer camp, stay with local families while learning the language or doing volunteer work in Bethlehem.
Zaytoun Coordinates volunteer olive harvest tours with International Women’s Peace Service.
The Olive Co-operative Volunteer with the olive harvest. Stay with a local family in Bethlehem, and take Arabic classes – beginners to advanced.
The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) Study tours.
Universities Educational Exchange with Palestinians (UNIPAL) Volunteer English teaching.
International Solidarity Movement Protests.
Living Stones Christian pilgrimages.
Siraj Centre for Holy Land Studies Travel programs, interfaith, ecumenical dialogue, culture and youth exchange programmes. Study Arabic.

Branch twinning and friendship links

As part of PSC’s campaign to effect changes in consciousness on the Palestinian issue and to promote positive British government policy, twinning and friendship links are an important tool. In particular, they facilitate important links between PSC and grassroots organisations and communities in Palestine.

For more details about twinning groups visit the Britain Palestine Twinning Network website.

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