Leeds-Hebron Friendship Link

Who are we?

Leeds-Hebron Friendship Link was setup many decades ago to develop the friendship between the citizens of Hebron and those of Leeds. There has been a number of mutual visits and various fundraising events for the needy in Hebron.

Members of the Link also took part in protests such as the one on the Briggate over the illegal apartheid wall fencing in the Palestinians. One of the recent events was the Hebron Palestinian meal at Fairuz Lebanese Restaurant, Merrion St, Leeds, LS2 (near Merrion Centre), on Sunday May 31, 2009. Some of the fund raised in our forthcoming event in February will be donated to a school in Hebron.

Where is Hebron?


Hebron is the largest city in the West Bank, located in the south, 30 kilometers south of Jerusalem. It is home to some 166,000 Palestinians, and over 500 Israeli Jews living in and around the historic Jewish Quarter. Hebron lies 930 meters (3,050 ft) above sea level. Located in the Palestinian territories and the Biblical region of Judea, it is the second holiest city in Judaism, after Jerusalem. Description from Wikipedia

In the news

THE MAYOR of a struggling Palestinian town is hoping to attend a prestigious gathering in Leeds.

…Leeds-Hebron Friendship Link is raising funds to pay for the Hebron Mayor’s flight. A spokeswoman for the campaign group said: “The political situation in Palestine is, as ever, very difficult and we are not certain that Mr Natshe will be able to get here, but we want to do our best to make it possible.”… Read the full story at Yorkshire Evening Post

Other Hebron Links


Qurtuba School in Hebron

Qurtuba school was established 37 years ago as a national School for boys and girls ages 6-12. It is situated in the centre of Hebron and is used to serve most of the city’s inhabitants. The school is in a rented building, which is old and in dire need of renovation. Nowadays in order to reach Qurtuba you have to use either the Israeli checkpoint and then al Shuhada street or take a route through the Islamic cemetery, as the southern part of al Shuhada street is closed to Arabs.

It is located in the Palestinian district of Hebron, but the children and staff suffer constant attacks by Zionist settlers and their children, often as the Israeli Defense Forces stand idly by and watch. The school is in area which is becoming “settled” which means it is under Israeli occupation. It is surrounded by two illegal Israeli settlements.
The Settlers hope to drive the Palestinians out of the area. Many International observers see the role of the soldiers as insuring that no Palestinians come to the defence of the children. If they did they would be arrested, and more than likely beaten.

Leeds PSC raises money for Qurtuba School e.g in the recent Music Fundraiser 2010. Thanks to all who support us on this.

Below is a letter of thanks from the Qurtuba School.

On the way to school

The School

"Kill Arabs" message

Gas Chambers

"Arabs to the Gas Chambers" message

Open Shuhada Street in Hebron

Open Shuhada Street

“Open Shuhada Street” is a South African based initiative to raise awareness about the lack of freedom of movement in Hebron and how this issue is a reflection of the greater injustice of the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories. This website was started by a group of activists in South Africa with the intention of promoting human rights in Israel-Palestine by creating an space where people can engage with these issues by sharing information and participating in solidarity campaigns. The February 25th campaign organizers will be sharing the “Open Shuhada Street” website until the end of the campaign. All information about the campaign can be found on the homepage and under the “campaign” tab. All other information featured on this website can be attributed to the South African “Open Shuhada Street” group and may or may not be directly related to the February 25th campaign.

European, Israeli and Palestinian activists demonstrate in Hebron against settlers living in a tightly-guarded enclave in the West Bank city as well as the construction of settlements on Palestinian land on April 25, 2008. Around 600 hardline settlers live in Hebron, which is also home to around 170,000 Palestinians. All Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law. Photo by: Activestills.org

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