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Why should I lobby my MEP? To ask them not to support a new enhanced trade agreement with Israel called ACAA

What is ACAA: ACAA is a mutual recognition agreement which aims to eliminate technical barriers to trade between Israel and Europe and therefore increase the accessibility of the EU’s markets to Israel and vice-versa. The sectors concerned by ACAA are machinery, electrical and construction products, toys,.. But most and foremost, ACAA is of crucial importance to Israel to open up Europe’s pharmaceutical markets.

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The decision of the Council was forwarded to the European Parliament for its consent. However, the committee of the European Parliament in charge of this agreement (INTA – international trade) decided to freeze the discussion on ACAA following the Israeli attack on the freedom flotilla. A few months ago, INTA decided to “unfreeze” the discussions and asked the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (AFET) to assess, in an opinion to be transmitted to INTA, the political context in which ACAA will be applied, assuming it is concluded.

The timetable is the following:

– Discussion in AFET committee on the 27th of March
– Vote in AFET committee on the 24th of April
– Vote in INTA committee on the 26th of April
– Vote including all MEPs in May

Please lobby your MEP today to ask them to vote against ACAA! 

The MEPs who are expected to hold the balance of power are the Lib Dems who are part of the ALDE group who are considering changing their position against ACAA to in favour of ACAA. So focus on your Lib Dem MEPs and find out about the work the Lib Dem Friends of Palestine have been doing>>

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