Palestine Groups

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

York PSC

United 4 Palestine Bradford

Bradford PSC

Sheffield PSC

Manchester PSC

Halifax Friends of Palestine

Palestine Solidarity Group – Leeds University On Facebook

Liverpool Friends of Palestine

Reading PSC

The Free Gaza Movement

Viva Palestina

Friends of Al Aqsa

Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights

Medical Aid for Palestinians

Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP)

Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-BIG)

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)

British Committee for Universities for Palestine (BRICUP)

Australians for Palestine

Twinning with Palestine

Gaza Demonstrators Support Campaign

International Solidarity Movement (ISM)

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East


Boycott and Divestment

Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) Campaign

Global BDS Movement

Who Profits From the Occupation?

Quakers – Help end trade with Israeli settlements


Other Activist Groups

National Stop the War Coalition

Bradford Stop the War Coalition

Leeds Coalition Against the War

Yorkshire CND

Amnesty International United Kingdom (UK)

Together for Peace (T4P)

War on Want


News and Information



The Guardian

The Independent

Al Jazeera

The Electronic Intifada

Middle East Monitor (MEMO)

Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK)



Norman Finkelstein

Noam Chomsky

Ilan Pappe

John J. Mearsheimer

Alan Hart


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