Leeds University banned pro-Palestinian Students

Leeds University banned pro-Palestinian students there from setting up a Visual Demonstration outside the Students Union. This had been announced for 1st March, following a week-long publicity campaign. Likewise, the university banned a stall inside the Union Building to distribute material about Israel/Palestine. Apparently intimidated by the government guidance, the Students Union there introduced pre-vetting. The diplomat-turned-whistleblower Craig Murray was due to speak at a Leeds University IAW event on 2nd March. His title was advertised as “Palestine/Israel: A Unitary Secular State or a Bantustan Solution?” The day beforehand the Students Union suddenly required him to submit his text for pre-vetting, as a condition for his talk to go ahead. Murray sent a long reply including the admonishment, ‘I am truly appalled that such a gross restriction on freedom of speech should be imposed anywhere, let alone in a university where intellectual debate is meant to be an essential part of the learning experience.’ The Students Union trustees did not block his speech . The event nevertheless attracted a good audience of around 40 people with several Student Union and University officials, including the University Secretary. Craig Murray gave a detailed description of this attempt to shut the March 2nd meeting in his blog. With 40,000 regular readers, it is the third most-read political blog in Britain.


Bricup Newsletter 108   which can found in full on: http://www.bricup.org.uk/


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