Leeds council’s selection of Veolia for incinerator deal angers YEP readers

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Leeds council’s selection of Veolia for incinerator deal angers YEP readers.

Published on 1st November 2011 in Yorkshire Evening Post.


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Firm controvery

RECENTLY, the YEP published three articles (on October 12, 20 and 24) on Veolia being “selected” by the council to build an incinerator and the various opposition arguments.

But the YEP has failed to mention the notable objection raised with the council to boycott Veolia for its operation in illegally occupied Palestinian land.

The Jerusalem Light Rail tramway, that Veolia is involved in building and operating, is explicitly designed to cement Israel’s grip on illegal West Bank settlements and tie them more firmly into the state of Israel.

The successful worldwide boycott of Veolia is biting with many contracts being lost. Recent news reports show it is to leave 37 countries due to losses and financial troubles.

Do we really want a company like Veolia to operate in Leeds for 25 years? The council has ignored the objections of the very people who elected them and whose tax money will fund the incinerator.


Published on 4th November 2011 in Yorkshire Evening Post.


Published on 7th November 2011 in Yorkshire Evening Post.



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