JNF loses half its revenue … Local JNF chief Krasner is made redundant

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Charity ‘no longer credible’ and may be ‘unsustainable’, says community leader.

Also … Local JNF chief Krasner is made redundant

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JNF’S regional director Jo Krasner has been made redundant.

Neither she nor JNF would comment, although a spokesman for the organisation said: “Following the recent review of the JNF UK’s fundraising team and operational cost-base, a decision has been made to centralise the servicing of the Manchester community in line with the rest of the UK.

“Fundraising for the Manchester community will now be managed from JNF’s head office. JNF UK continues to value the relationship that it has with the Manchester community and the contribution of its donors.

“Regular visits and events in the region will continue as planned.”

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