Israeli demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem now almost triple 2015 total


The number of demolitions by Israeli authorities of Palestinian-owned structures in occupied East Jerusalem is now almost triple the total number for 2015.

According to data published by Israeli NGO Ir Amim, “the pace of demolitions in Jerusalem continues to snowball”, with the total for the year to date reaching 190 structures, including 122 residential units. The total number of demolitions in Jerusalem for 2015 was 74.

Yesterday, Ir Amim reported: “A family in Jabal Mukkaber demolished its own home (2 separate homes, 1 unit each) to avoid excessive fines from the municipality for the imminent bulldozing.  Twelve family members were displaced, including six children.”

An additional “self-demolition” of two stores took place in Beit Hanina on the same day.

Last week, Palestinian structures demolished by Israeli occupation authorities included a two-storey building under construction in Wadi Joz, “including two completed residential units, two under construction and eight commercial units filled with goods.”

In addition, a two-storey building with two residential units on the second floor and four shops on the first was demolished in Issawiyya, while 20 per cent of a building was destroyed in At-Tur.



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