Female engineers hope to rebuild Gaza with “green cake”

For years, a tight blockade has prevented communities in Gaza from developing their homes and cities – or even rebuilding the destruction wrought by Israeli bombing.

But now two Gazan women are breaking new ground in the world of construction – by creating a new kind of building material called “green cake”.

Majid al-Mashrawi and Rawan Abdellatif invented a new kind of brick that’s both kind to the environment and high quality, after entering a competition by MIT.

The environmentally-friendly material, which took more than a year to develop, is made of ash and cement and isolates sound, extreme temperatures and fire. It’s named because it’s literally and figuratively green and has a spongy texture, just like a cake.

“The idea for the project was built on the basis of producing building materials that are environmentally friendly, lightweight, of lower cost than traditional blocks, and of high quality that contributes to the improvement of the buildings and residences in the Gaza Strip,”Abdellatif told Gaza Online.

Ash, the main ingredient in the bricks, is made from burning wood but is difficult to dispose of – some 60% of ash gets buried in the earth. Because of a shortage of the substance in Gaza it has to be imported from Israel, but it’s not restricted as other materials may be.

The pair are currently working on securing a patent for the material and developing a production line so their bricks can be produced and used in Gaza.

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