The campaign for justice for the Palestinians is growing. One way you can play your part is by making a donation, whether it’s small or big. Help your local Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign by making a donation today.


Donate to Leeds PSC via:

Setting up a Standing Order: Call your bank or setup online or download the form here (form coming soon)

Bank transfer: 

Account with: Unity Trust Bank Sort Code: 60-83-01

Account number:  20372093

Account name: Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Cheques payable to Leeds Palestine Solidarity campaign


LPSC is powered by subscriptions from our members and donations from our wide range of supporters, with our which we simply wouldn’t exist.  Campaigns cost money- lobbying politicians, challenging government policy, holding the media to account, taking on corporations, and building a mass movement can’t be done for free. The majority of our funds, including your membership subs, are spent directly on our campaigns: organising protests, meetings, lobbies, street stalls, films and vigils; and paying for technology, leaflets, equipment. All of our finances are carefully accounted. As a grassroots organisation, every donation and membership sub’ we received makes a big difference to what we are able to do.


We are making a difference. There are a growing number people in Leeds who are no longer willing to tolerate the injustice perpetrated against the people of Palestine.

But financial support for the campaign is vital to help bring about a political solution so that the Palestinians can determine their own future and no longer rely on international aid or charitable support.

Leeds PSC will use your donations in the most effective way possible. Thank you for your support.

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