Co-operative Bank closes FOA bank account


Co-op Bank betrays the Co-op’s historic ethical foundations with cowardly, unilateral, prejudiced, bank account closures.
*Please* keep the perssure on Co op banking!

Also Independent article;
‘Friends of Al-Aqsa and as many as 25 other Palestinian-affiliated organisations, including the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, received letters from Co-op Bank last year notifying them that their accounts would be closed.’

On Tuesday 15 December, the Co-operative Bank informed Friends of Al-Aqsa that it would close our bank account. No substantiated reasons have been provided, apart from the bank’s ‘risk appetite’ changing. The Co-op has refused to engage in any negotiations, and have called this ‘a business decision’.

Following a successful 10 year long banking relationship, it is shocking for FOA to face a unilateral account closure with no consultation or engagement having taken place. This reflects the vulnerability that all politically active organisations now face, and represents a direct attack on legitimate political campaign work.

The Co-op’s actions are deeply concerning, especially in light of it’s closure of several other similar NGO’s bank accounts. Such actions are discriminatory based on the fact that they target those supporting justice, peace and freedom for the Palestinians. This is also evidence of the fact that anyone can face bank account closure without explanation, and it is clear that Muslim individuals and organisations are particularly vulnerable to this.

FOA suspects that the move has been precipitated by the sale of the Co-op, which is no longer a cooperative bank, but now part of a shareholder company. “We consider this to be institutional bullying and racism, betraying the Co-op’s historic ethical foundations” said Ismail Patel, chair of FOA.

FOA is urging all fair minded people to contact the Co-op, and request that they reverse their decision to close our account.

Please call the Co-op Bank Customer Helpline DAILY during January on:

03457 212 212 (press 1 for a customer services agent)

Raise the following points:

1. Why have they closed the Friends of Al-Aqsa account?

2. Why are they punishing/bullying a legitimate organisation that works for peace and justice for Palestinians?

3. Request they re-open the account.

You can also tweet the questions to @CoopBankUK_help – Tweets can be found here
* Use ‪#‎UnCooperative‬ in your tweets. *

Or use the template letter here to email your complaint to:

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