Buy Palestinian Dates (by YAFFA in Leeds!

You can find Palestinian dates by YAFFA in some local shops in Leeds. Please check the label and avoid Israeli dates this Ramadan. More information of Leeds Boycott Israeli Dates Champaign here.

Support Palestinian farmers and producers – buy Yaffa products today!

From YAFFA website: “Anyone who has ever tried Medjoul dates will know how sweet and delicious they are. Medjoul Dates are known to be large, sweet and very succulent to eat. They are widely regarded as the “king of dates” relating to their size. Medjoul Dates first originated from Morocco. They are called “Madjhoola”, meaning anonymous in Arabic. Medjoul dates are now grown in a handfull of countries including the Palestinian Territories. A growing number of Palestinian farms are springing up around the Jericho area. Despite being so sweet, each date has only 66 calories, and they are packed with natural fibers; potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese. These dates are delicious to eat on their own or you can dip them in some sauce.”

Here are some pictures of a box we managed to get hold of in Leeds!

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