Boycott TEVA

Friends of Al- Aqsa

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Reasons Why

TEVA is an Israeli pharmaceutical company and one of the world’s largest producers of generic medicines. FOA is calling for a boycott of TEVA because it is one of Israel’s main contributors to its economy and also funds the Israeli Defense Force.


  • Is boycotting effective?

  • Yes, the Boycott TEVA campaign started in July 2014 since then over 100 pharmacies nationwide have joined the boycott. The BDS campaign is growing globally and Israel will continue to face a great loss to its economy until it ends its illegal occupation.
  • Does TEVA operate in the UK?

  • Yes, TEVA is the biggest single drugs provider to the NHS, supplying around 15% of its inventory. Millions of patients around the UK take TEVA products everyday.
  • How does TEVA affect Palestinians?

  • Israel restricts the ability of Palestinian drug manufacturers to compete with TEVA under the guise of ‘security precautions’. Drugs producers in the West Bank are not allowed to access international markets via ports in Israel. Companies instead have to incur additional taxes and levies by exporting via third countries.The Israeli government further disadvantages Palestinian consumers by allowing residents of the West Bank and Gaza to only import medicines registered in Israel. TEVA benefits directly from Israel creating this captive economy.In Israeli occupied East Jerusalem, Palestinian manufactured medicines are not allowed to be used in medical institutions or in schools, giving Israeli companies further commercial advantage.

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