Bin Veolia Letter to Yorkshire Evening Post

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The below letter was sent by Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign to Yorkshire Evening Post.

Dear Editor,

Leeds City Council will soon be deciding which company will be awarded the contract to build and operate the proposed incinerator in the city. One of these is Veolia, a French multinational company with business interests across the globe. Its operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) have attracted significant attention as they include building a railway system that connects illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land with the state of Israel, running bus services which exclude Palestinian passengers and dumping waste from the Israeli settlements on a landfill site on Palestinian land.

Since Veolia, by nature of these activities in the OPT is in fact assisting the illegal actions of the Israeli government in supporting the ongoing theft of Palestinian land, Leeds City Council should not in any circumstances include this company when drawing up contracts for managing our waste services. By so doing Leeds City Council would be complicit with the Israeli government’s abuse of the rights of the Palestinians. And all of us, as council tax payers, would thus also be deemed guilty of supporting acts many times declared illegal under international law and condemned by numerous resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.

Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign

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